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How to Care for Your Hair

As children`s textbooks would always state, “your hair is your crowning glory.” In a sense, it is your crown that adds beauty. Hair comes in different lengths, textures, and colors. Taking care of your hair will benefit you most, especially if you love styling it. Proper maintenance can help with its longevity and shin. Here`s how you can take great care of your crowning glory:

1. Wash your Hair Regularly

Use appropriate shampoo for your hair type. For example, if you have thin hair and often suffer from hair loss, use an anti-hair fall shampoo. There are also shampoos for hair with hair dye so you can maintain its color and vibrancy. Shampoos for curly hair are also available to maintain their curls and volume.

2. Condition your Hair  

You can use coconut oil, lather it onto your hair overnight or for at least 30 minutes – 1 hour, and rinse with conditioner. After rinsing, you can procede with your usual method of washing your hair. It is an effective and uncommon way to grow your hair and keep it shiny and bouncy. Do this at least five times a day for tangle and frizz-free hair.

3. Brush or Comb your Hair Strands Several Times a Day

Not combing your hair in a day can make tangles worse, so always brush your hair even with just your fingers to avoid tangles. You`ll lose more hair if you don`t comb it at least thrice a day when it`s already at its worst.

4. Use Hair Masks

Hair masks, like face masks, are there to rejuvenate and keep the shine alive. Whether store-bought or homemade, they`re often helpful in combatting specific hair problems like dryness and frizziness. Hair masks usually have coconut oil, jojoba, macadamia, aloe vera, honey, and avocado oil. These ingredients are known to have tremendous benefits for hair growth and maintenance.

5. Sleep on Silk

Cotton pillowcases are good, but when you sleep on them, your hair can get tangled in between stitches. Instead, choose silk pillowcases and bedsheets so your hair would feel like it`s floating on water. Soft silk pillowcases can help avoid unnecessary hair fall.

6. Spritz a Refreshing Hair Mist From Time to Time

Use a hair mist for extra shine. Your hair will also smell so amazing! Nature Republic`s Aloe Vera Mist is one of the best hair products. It`s less than $8 and lasts for a month or two if you use it several times a day.

7. Avoid Going Out and Exposing Your Hair to Harmful UV Rays

Now is an excellent time to nourish your hair since you probably don`t go out as often due to the global epidemic. As much as possible, avoid going out and exposing your hair to the harmful rays of the sun. If you must, put on a high-SPF hair cream, wear a hat, and use an umbrella.

These hair care tips are essential for you to have healthy hair. You can also take hair vitamins, but it`s better to consult your doctor for that since taking too many vitamins may not be good for you. Using the right products without harmful ingredients and sticking to natural-based products will keep your hair soft and voluminous.

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