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How To Style Your Casual Look With Shapewear Dress

The casual look has its own challenges. You definitely want something that’s easy to style but looks fabulous at the same time, right? Imagine if you could get more. Not only are fashion items that are easy to mix and match and look effortlessly stylish, but also extremely comfy and able to enhance your body shape. Yes, you are no longer dreaming of it!

Shapewear dress is a hot topic nowadays. In case you haven’t caught on, this is the latest, and most trending, innovation in modern shapewear. Shapewear dress is offered to meet your shaping needs, flattering style, and all-day comfort. It’s amazing to get everything in one product! That’s why it’s not surprising that it didn’t take long for shapewear dresses to dominate the trend among fashion enthusiasts.

Shaping dresses can be a gorgeous casual style for any body shape, at any time. If you want to join this hot trend, here are some useful tips on how to style your casual look with a shapewear dress to make you feel even more fabulous!

1. Stay Minimalist

When thinking about styling, you might think the more accessories the better. Unfortunately, that’s a big no-no in the rulebook for how to style your casual look with a shapewear dress.

Let your gorgeous dress be the ultimate statement and don’t ruin it by wearing too many accessories. The best option is a built-in shapewear dress in a neutral color, like heather grey or black, that will flatter any season. You don’t even need any accessories to make it look stunning. Well, maybe a little touch of makeup and hair curlers!

They say shapewear dresses make you look and feel better all at once, and it’s true. It differs from the typical bodycon dress, the shapewear dress comes with mid-firm compression for body-sculpting features, something that no other type of dress has. Shapellx, the brand that originated the shapewear dress, said that their products provide 360° tummy control and boob support to create a smooth, bulge-free silhouette while providing comfort with their eco-friendly fabrics that are stretchy and breathable. This is definitely an effortlessly stylish outfit for your casual look.

2. Wear Comfortable Shaping Underwear

The figure-hugging cut of the shapewear dress is like a second skin, comfortable and flattering on all body shapes. The shaping dress itself aims to elevate the best version of your curves, so you’ll look and feel more confident all day long. One of the essential keys to styling your casual look with a shapewear dress is wearing the right underwear.

Improper underwear can leave unflattering traces on the shapewear dress you’re wearing. To prevent this, opt for thongs or seamless panties. It would be better if you wear shaping underwear with a high waist design so you will get a slimming effect at the same time.

3. It’s OK to Go Braless!

You may be wondering, should you wear a bra under your shapewear dress? Well, you can go without it!

Shapewear dress comes with built-in padding to support your bust and keep it secure and comfortable around the clock. So, this allows you to go braless. But if your shaping dress doesn’t provide this feature, or you are more comfortable wearing a bra, then choose a hook-free seamless bra, and make sure your bra fits properly.

4. Put on Your Fancy Shoes

The reason why shapewear dresses are so popular is their practicality and versatility. This is a shaping outfit that will look flattering paired with anything, for any occasion. You can even get some different styles from a shapewear dress just by changing the shoes you wear. Try to create a comfy casual style when hanging out with your girls by wearing your shapewear dress and sneakers or strappy sandals. And when you head out on a sweet date night, pair your shapewear dress with your favorite killer heels. You can call it an effortlessly classy style!

5. Style It With Obi Corset

Even though the silhouette of a shapewear dress is already flattering, if you can make it look a hundred times more gorgeous, why not?

Wearing an obi corset belt over your shapewear dress will make you look absolutely fabulous. Fashion corsets can be a statement point that changes your casual look to be more special. This item is not only a pretty accessory but also comfortably wraps around your stomach and waist to hide bulges and create a defined waistline. You can opt for a stylish corset obi with a drawstring design that not only looks dramatic but can also be adjusted to fit your best size.

6. Channel Your Sporty Sense With Long Sleeve Shrugs

If sporty style is your comfort zone, or you felt self-conscious the first time you pulled on a form-fitting shapewear dress, a fashionable long-sleeved shrug could be your savior. Shrug is a better choice than a jacket because the material is very light, breathable and comfortable. What’s more, it not only looks trendy and chic, but can also protect you from the sun when you are outdoors.

Shapewear dresses have fascinated women and are predicted to dominate the top trends this year, for they are believed to elevate your best silhouette. Follow the tips above to make your casual look with a shapewear dress even more fabulous!

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