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It’s Time for Your Cosmetic Bag to be Replaced

Who doesn’t love make-up? And we are always collecting it, that nice pink shade of lipstick, that lovely lip-gloss, or an alluring mascara. We always keep hoarding this makeup wherever we go-between they spill or break, it creates a mess and we are sorry to let our favorite makeup go. So, we do need a great centralized space that can hold all our makeup without spillage. Also choosing a makeup bag from these many options is quite impossible and seems a daunting task. Our needs too are different right from waterproof make-up bags to colorful and trendy cases which should we select.

Let us look at some of the colorful bags that our audience has reviewed.

1.Sephora Collection Beauty on the Fly Bag

A lovely reusable bag that is compact and see through. It is an excellent product for your airport security requirements. The added benefit is it allows you to take liquid products like creams, and moisturizers. Also, it is incredibly easy to clean if by chance something is spilled. You can fill around 5 bottles of lotions or jars. It is easily foldable and you after unpacking it, you can fold it and keep it in your travel case.

2.Cosmetics Case from Mark and Graham Monogrammed Concourse

A few times we like when we have a personal touch on a lot of our belongings. It is quite classy and generally fits all your things easily. It also has a small pouch and an additional bag. It is quite versatile and is made from leather. It is perfect for traveling. It is ideal for gifting someone as you can monogram it with their initials.

3.Travel Cosmetic Bag from Space NK

Its best advantage is it is transparent and you can see all the material that is inside. It has a leather outing and the surrounding zip around keeps everything fit and unmovable. Women have always liked it because it is a great choice while commuting and is perfectly accessible. Easy to care it anywhere. You can definitely replace your old one with this bag as it is perfect when traveling or commuting.

4.Boxy Cosmetic Case floral

A good designer option is a small case from Coach. It is made up of leather that is durable with pockets inside and a spacious compact kit. It is quite cute and comes in handy when you just need to take a few things with you. And although it looks small it has a lot of space inside.

5.Vanity Bag from SLB

A spacious main compartment with several holders to put out your beauty tools and vinyl-lined pockets that are separate so that you can divide between your makeup and toiletries. It has a hook as well as metal feet, thus giving it an option of hanging as well as saving it from wet surfaces. It is a great choice when you are going on a longer trip or vacation.

So take a look at this wonderful cosmetic bags and start deciding with which one will you replace your worn out one. I have decided mine.

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