Lingerie For Men Is A Thing Now Because Of Course It Is.

A new British company is advertising a fabulous product for the gender non-binary men in your life: lacy lingerie.

According to the Mirror, a U.K. company called HommeMystere aims to take frilly panties and wispy, floral-printed bras out of the gender-binary by providing “lingerie and sleepwear exclusively for men.”

The underthings bear a striking resemblance to sets women might purchase, and some even come with optional “accessories,” like garter belts. Most of the underwear is bikini-style, and the bras — which come in strapless and “multi-way” — are generally unlined (though some do feature light padding, in case men are looking for a “fuller” figure).

HommeMystere also features a selection of lace nighties and babydolls for when things get really intense. There’s even what appears to be a saucy French maid costume.

Now, obviously, there’s a market for men-sized lingerie, and there’s certainly a market for women’s lingerie sized for men. To some extent, HommeMystere is marketing directly to those demographics by making “fun, comfortable, unique lingerie — for people with packages.” But the site also implies that women are very much into the look.

One satisfied customer suggested that his girlfriend “loves” him in his matching bra and panties.

As the Sun says, “whatever floats your boat.”

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