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The Biker Leather Jacket – Its Interesting Story Throughout the Years

Whether you are planning an evening meeting or going out with friends on the weekend, there is a fashion item that guarantees an attractive outfit, the leather jacket. A legendary piece of clothing, a women’s leather jacket amazingly combines fashion and functionality.

Leather jacket – will it ever go out of style?

Popular with both women and men, the fashion industry has proposed several models of leather jackets over time, but the biker leather jacket seems unsurpassed.

When we think of a women’s leather jacket, we think of the gorgeous Kate Moss and the Olsen twins, but this iconic piece actually has a very practical beginning, dating back to the early 1900s during the First World War. Specifically, in the early 1900s, during World War I, German pilots began wearing a brown leather jacket that later became known as a bomber in World War II. Like the aviator jacket, the bomber jacket is a very convenient and warm item of clothing, especially since pilots experience extreme cold at high altitudes. At that time, the leather jacket was part of the military uniform and no one could have guessed that, only a few years later, it would become an essential piece for an elegant and timeless style.

It was not until 1928 that the leather jacket was first introduced as a fashionable piece of clothing by designer Irvin Schott. The designer jacket was similar to the modern leather biker jacket, and at the time, Irvin thought that the best name for his creation would be The Perfecto, the name of his favorite cigar company. True to its name, the design of the jacket was really perfect and it is a coveted jacket even today. This first fashionable leather jacket sold for a low price of 5.50 USD, probably the lowest price in the history of leather jackets.

Biker leather jacket – when did it become the women’s resistance piece?

It was only in the 1970s and 1980s that women discovered the power of the leather jacket. By then, feminists had begun to assert their equality, and the leather jacket began to be worn by women on a large scale. This trend, once dominated by men, was taken over by women, especially non-conformist musicians. Sure, rock bands like Duran Duran, The Ramones and The Sex Pistols wore their own versions of leather jackets, but rock bands like Blondie and Joan Jett have embraced this trend, adding staples, needles and other mixed metals and combining leather jackets with leather pants. As rock and roll flourished in the following years, so did the favorite outfit of rockers. A style that was once dominated by men has become a hit for women as well.

Since then, the leather jacket has known only acclaim. Becoming more and more popular with each passing year, the leather jacket has matured just like a good wine. Not only rockers wore leather jackets, but also the VIPs of those times, mannequins and supermodels, so the leather jacket was no longer a flashy piece, but became a fashionable item of clothing. From imposing leather jackets with rock design to contemporary and minimalist models, the leather jackets of modern times are suitable for any occasion.

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