Lingerie Pieces for the Plus-Size Mom Bringing ‘Sexy Back’

Is it safe to say that Justin Timberlake made bringing “SexyBack” sound easier than it actually is? Postpartum, returning to the version of one’s self that feels the most confident and beautiful can be a struggle to say the least. Even though it’s technically the same body, often times we feel like strangers in a brand-new home.

For the longest time, starting in pregnancy and continuing after my daughter’s birth, I didn’t want to be touched or looked at by my husband, and I didn’t know why. The whole idea just turned me completely off. Not to mention I was trying to heal and get used to the fact that I could barely move my limbs as I slowly recovered from a C- section. The presence of a new human in my home also added another dimension to the overall overwhelmed and lost feeling I felt.

Before I got pregnant, I used to love wearing lingerie, just for the fun of it. It was light and airy and didn’t feel like heavy clothing while still letting me look and feel good around the house. Even if I was just doing my chores in it, I just loved the feeling. Granted, putting on lingerie is probably the last thing a new mother is thinking about. But buying new lingerie can be fun and get us excited about wearing it. Even though our bodies are different postpartum, we can still enjoy them; we can still dress them up. It just takes time.

Sometimes we might feel like we want to wait until we “snap back” or lose 50 pounds before we buy any new clothes. But the body is healing, and sometimes, losing that weight takes longer than expected. I’ve put together this list of fun lingerie of all different styles that both curvy girls and small girls can get inspiration from. Our bodies, no matter how different they feel or look after baby, are strong, miraculous works of art. What our bodies just finished experiencing over the course of pregnancy and childbirth. Take that strong, beautiful mom body to the mirror and admire her. Let’s drape ourselves in some of these luxurious, plush, and opulent unmentionables — not for a significant others but for us.

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