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Low Heel Sandals – Why They Are a Women Must-Have

Are you on the team that likes high heels or low heels? Regardless of the choice, there’s no denying that either one can be super stylish and elegant. Low heel sandals are often reputed to be more casual, not as much as highs. But, with the right combinations it is possible to prove that the little ones are also with everything. And do you know the best? There are many different models for all tastes and occasions and several ways to use them!

A casual look with low-heeled sandals

That perfect Saturday look to be comfortable and still rock wherever you go. Check out the step-by-step guide to create a casual yet stylish combination:

1- This is the type of look that starts at the bottom. Start by choosing shorts, preferably wider and with a different shape – it’s worth playing with colors and special details.

2- Chosen the shorts, it’s time to go for the blouse. The tip is to choose a print that matches the color of the bottom. A brightly colored blazer that is naturally more laid-back.

3- As the look is already full of colors and interesting details, the accessories can be more basic. Time to bet on that discreet earring.

4- Finally, you already know: block sandals on the feet. The suggestion is to get away from the obvious and jump right into a colorful


The block sandal is the perfect pair for fashionistas and the most basic too. Check out our tips, step by step, to put together a basic look, but nothing boring:

1- The secret of success of this look is in the modeling of the pants. Choose a wider pattern on the bars for a more interesting effect.

2- Then just choose your favorite basic tank top or t-shirt. It can be black, colored or even printed.

3- Finally, just complete it with the block sandal of your choice – it can be a basic black one or a colored version.


Day to get ready for that special occasion, but still be comfortable? Check out the step-by-step guide for a beautiful romantic style look full of personality:

Looks para o churrasco do fim de semana - Guita Moda
Looks para o churrasco do fim de semana – Guita Moda

1- The star of this look is undoubtedly the dress. Invest in a classic spring poa. How about a puffed sleeve version?

2- After choosing the perfect dress, the rest are details. Add a headband or headband for a more romantic look and finish off with a discreet earring.

3- Finish off with the block sandal of your favorite color and voilá, you’re ready to enjoy it with great elegance and comfort.


Elegance is an obvious color combination, the perfect recipe for a look that will earn you compliments. Come see the step by step to rock this syling trick:

1- Start with the silk skirt – it will bring the minimalist elegance to the look. The tip is to bet on a traditional color, such as black, beige or gray.

2- Chosen the color of the skirt, now you can go to the blouse. Here we chose a light basic tank top also in silk.

3- To make everything even more elegant, complete the production with a clutch.

4- The feet can be with sparkles, to complete the look.

For a comfortable day-to-day, low heels are a must for women, without a doubt!

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