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Nail Styles For Autumn

Besides all the season-perfect attires, decorations and food, getting ready for fall often calls for a touch of autumn to be integrating into your look, including those fingertips. This season, decorate your nails with sparkling leaves, geometric fall patterns, falling leaves with beautiful matt bases or simply a creative abstract style. Here are 25 styles of ultra-lovely fall nails.

Kick Glass

This Kick Glass nail polish is so kick – ass! It is to die for! Sooo perfect for the early autumn. I am beaming with amazement. Gosh, pair this nail polish look with your favorite sweater and you are good to go. Not only it would be gorgeous for sweater weather, it is also amazing to pair with autumnal coats, as it is a glam color with contrasting shimmering glam embellishments that were added.


Pair this amazing Ingenue Purple/Gold Duo Chrome Shimmer with your autumn wear. It would complement all of your outfits. This palette looks so entrancing as the purple/gold duo are both of my favorite color palette and to think that they are well combined, this color is just too beautiful to look at.  The palette shading looks like a between of bronze – esque maroon color which is not a color that you would encounter normally. I love rare. If you do as well then this nail color for nail styling is for you.

Gotta Bounce

This Nebula Grape Metallic Shimmer is so perfect for the autumn season. I feel that the universe is within me as this color come to me. What an amazing fruitful scifi pop of color for the autumn style. What an amazing grape color. The gray tones of the purple is perfect for the autumn. This nail color is so gorgeous to style the palette has a cool tone vibe that is perfect for the autumn times. Pair it with all of your looks and it would suit and fabulously complement everything.


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