The differences between a chemise and a babydoll.

For most women, wearing fashion, fashion, feminization, of course, very natural. This is to make yourself feel confident, giving a stunning impression. A good babydoll chemise underwear can meet this. They really can let women wear them feel attractive and confident. There are several different underwear and accessories that can be chosen for their own style. Two very popular clothing are as a dress is baby dolls and sling shoes, which is the base and other small differences.


A baby is usually short, sleeveless pajamas, small straps. These belts babydoll chemise are close to the body in the chest. Pinch almost always in the waist a little more, and then from the body of the body more smooth, let it stop. This form is intended to give a sexy look. Cosmetics are also sleeveless, there are small belts, but usually in the chest and buttocks closer to the body.


Except that the main difference previously described is length. For various reasons, the baby usually can only reach the upper thigh. A baby doll with matching underwear is used. Cosmetics can be long and short. At the end of the thighs, as the baby, or everything that reaches the ankle, as well as everything between.


Chemisens history continued into medieval Europe. At that time, linen fabric cosmetics, you can even imagine how hard it is? Women are worn all day, which will lead to a lot of itchy, rather than a direct bekvämhet feeling. Today, it is no longer a doll and linen fabric, it is just too nasty for the skin of the material, in the sexy lingerie is shameful. Instead, we use soft materials such as chiffon and lace. Silk and satin are other common materials used to make soft sexy underwear. Women’s City underwear also often has different decorative details.

Liknader between underwear

In today’s market, there are two different examples of underwear and cosmetics and babydoll chemise. Even if the difference between the two pieces can be quite large, because the main design is very similar, they belong to the same category. This means that if you are not very familiar with that ordinary consumers, it may be difficult to see the difference. Some types of pajamas look like pajamas, pajamas and cosmetics (if not almost pajamas) are closely related to certain types of cosmetics that are worn under clothes. Some short negligence, though usually a little longer, you can see almost completely like baby dolls. sells hundreds of different designs of cosmetics, dolls and sexy underwear for women (ladies), only the entire Swedish talent can choose, just for the Swedish service.

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