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This season is all about the bigger the better. We’re talking about oversized, boxy blazer that has taken over the runway and become a street style favorite. Blazers aren’t just for the office anymore. Gone are the days when blazers were solely worn from nine to five. A classic blazer is a wardrobe essential, but these season blazers with loose boxy fit, long sleeves and padded shoulders are having a moment. The beauty of this piece is that it instantly pulls together any outfit. It makes it look like you’ve put in effort, even if you didn’t.

 This kind of blazers can be seen in almost every image from the 80’s, and the comeback of this style makes it easier for us to make a style statement. This menswear silhouette can easily be given a feminine edge, since there’s a variety of ways to pull this trend off, no matter what your personal style is. This trend is here to stay.

 Boyfriend blazers are usually one or two sizes bigger and they make ladies look more sophisticated and edgier. If you love oversize clothing this trend is for you. Some think that only girls with a certain attitude and personal confidence can wear oversized button front blazers. If you have a sense for style and love playing with clothes you can easily find the way or ways to include this cool clothing staple in your outfits.

There are basically two options on how to wear this statement piece. One of them is to go totally slouchy and wear an oversized blazer with some relaxed, casual pants and top, flair jeans and a band t-shirt, for example, and create a boho-chic look. The second option is to keep the blazer oversized and the rest of your clothes more fitted, no matter if it’s jeans, trousers or a skirt. For example, a fitted turtleneck blouse and skinny jeans with an oversized blazer look very hot.

 Also, you can play with length. Go for a long boyfriend blazer and team it with a mini skirt or dress. You can add a cool touch to your blazer by using a belt or rolling up sleeves. This simple tricks will make a perfect balance to your overall look. For athleisure feel you can wear it with biker shorts. For a more classic approach match them with pants and high heels. If you want to achieve menswear inspired outfit style your blazer with black pants and a button up shirt.

 With so many different, nearly endless options to style oversized blazers we’re sure you won’t resist their charm. Here are some trendy designs that we found on popular online stores.

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