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Short Down Jacket Trend.

Often known as a down jacket, or a bubblegoose if you’re Wyclef Jean, the puffer jacket is the rarest of things: a fashion icon of the nineties with real practical advantages. In even the iciest of situations, these padded wonders are able to lock in heat, making them the first choice not just for hip-hop stars, but also for polar explorers and mountaineers. And there’s another benefit: puffer jackets often have good looks on their side, something that designers have not gone unnoticed.

Everyone from Balenciaga to Raf Simons has marched their puffers down the runway in recent seasons. And there was a significant change in their success as a result. Not everybody has the bank balance or the inclination to spend £ 1,915 (as opposed to £ 70 at JD Sports) on a Balenciaga puffer, but everyone can get in on the fun. It doesn’t have to cost a bomb to pull this trend off, but it does take some skill. This is where we get in.

It doesn’t always have to mean staying warm with down insulation to go full Michelin Man. With a lightweight puffer jacket without compromising a slim silhouette, you get all the practical advantages. The tailored cut also makes it a useful layering option – use it as outerwear, on seriously cold days, another shield against the cold under your parka, or even wear it under a suit jacket for frosty morning commutes.

These low-profile puffers have the added bonus of being packable as well. Making them a common option for all, from fans of the outdoors to experienced travelers.

There’s a certain pleasure in knowing that your jacket could keep you toasty on a K2 climb. And if you’re just going to use it to get back and get to the office. This is the level of protection that a suitable winter-ready puffer jacket will provide you with.

This style might not be the most appropriate choice if flexibility is important to you and you are looking for something that can work over many seasons, as opposed to just winter. If on the other hand, your primary concern is to stay warm and you need something that can literally be thrown over a T-shirt, this is the coat for you even under sub-zero conditions.

For playing with prints, vibrant colours or straight-up statement pieces, winter is the best time of the year. But we’re not talking about dusting your Christmas sweater off and draping yourself in tinsel, because you can cut through the gloomy winter weather with a statement puffer jacket and actually look nice while doing it.

Puffers have always been a bit of a statement piece in themselves, but it can take things to the next level to integrate in any color blocking or patterns. Just remember to keep it plain, pared down and understated for the rest of your outfit, unless you really want to outshine your Christmas tree.

Like a Mountain woman. If you’re planning a Himalayan trek or just dreaming about braving the cold at your local Christmas market, matching a puffer with other mountain-ready clothes is a perfect way to make sure you’re properly bundled up.

Wear a thick heavy-duty puffer layered on top with a flannel shirt and a T-shirt or roll neck, and on the bottom with heavy denim or cargo pants. Go for a pair of quality hikers or work boots, and then finish it off with a fisherman’s beanie to keep your head wet.

Just because puffers are so well suited to extreme temperatures and alpine environments, it doesn’t mean that one in the city can’t rock. If you come from the upper reaches of the Northern Hemisphere, getting around town in the winter can still be a fairly cold experience, and a lightweight puffer can keep you warm and fashionable at once.

In a neutral hue, try a smarter, hoodless version, like black, grey or even black. Choosing a simple color and lightweight design will ensure you get the full cost per wear benefit, as over several seasons you will be able to match it with most of your wardrobe.

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