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Skirt Match Dress: Some Tips To Help You Choose

Skirts can be wonderful key pieces in your closet if you know just how to style them. The variation that skirts come in can often be confusing when a wide selection is available yet styling them can remain to be difficult.

Skirts vary from the usual flowy to pencil and everything in between. Each type of skirt serves a particular look and to carry that look with confidence is something your outfit needs to scream.

The right outfit is what makes the day better and chipper. When you decide on wearing a skirt, choices often may seem too many, however, there are some simple rules to fashion that you could follow to make your day easier.

So, here are some skirts and ways you can style them for a fashionable moment!

Pleated Skirt

Pleated skirts typically feature pleats all around the skirt, with a cinched or fitted waist. This type of skirt has the perfect amount of flow to it that allows easy movement and comfort.

As the skirt itself is flowy and covers a large circumference, the best way to pair it is with a tight or fitted shirt. This will include your crop tops, t-shirts, or full-sleeved button-up shirts. Pairing this type of shirt with something that is skin and form-fitting will allow a slender silhouette.

Soft Girl White Pleated Skirt
Soft Girl White Pleated Skirt

Pencil Skirt

Typically seen as the more formal – office going skirt, a pencil skirt, however, can do more than that.

A pencil skirt is body hugging, streamlined skirt that provides a very sophisticated and fitted silhouette which is taken to be more formal than a pleated skirt. However, dressing this skirt the right way can lead you to a pretty awesome party dress.

All you need is to add fun to the old pencil skirt, and this can be done by layering dramatic shirts such as puffy sleeves or a boat neckline. This will create a fashionable outline.

Easily pair it with some layered jewelry and lace sandals, your outfit is complete!

Leather skirt
Leather skirt

Denim Skirt

Denim never goes out of style so when you get the chance to sport a nice denim skirt, hop on   train! Denim skirts provide the easy laid back outfit vibes that you need on your down days.

The skirt itself looks stylish and fashionable enough that it doesn’t require much to dress it up. Just pair it with a nice shirt of any color you may like and there you have it. A nice complete outfit without much effort.

Pair with some suede boots or platform heels depending on the event and you are ready for a day out!

Frayed Denim Skirt
Frayed Denim Skirt

Tiered Skirt

If you’re looking for your senorita moment on the beach, this is the skirt to go with for the right vibes. This type of skirt features fabric circles that are stitched together as you go down towards the hem.

The stitching allows the skirt to flare out at the bottom, giving it the perfect moment for dancing and having a fun night out.

Wrapping Up

Skirts are a great asset to have in your closet. They are one of those pieces that are just timeless. Never really going out of style.

Figuring out the best style that fits and compliments you is the way to go!

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