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2022 Biggest Short Haircuts Trends For To Try From Now

Haircuts and hairstyles can be big personality changes. Whether you opt for a different hairstyle waking one morning, going from the go-to ponytail to a braid, or whether you decide to chop it all off, hairstyles can make or break personalities.

Often the different look just feels like a fresh start and so, to have that big fresh, and airy moment, here we have some of the biggest 2022 short haircuts to try if you are looking to enter a new life, or just revamp the old one.

No matter the season or the event, short haircuts are always in. They are there to support you in times of need and to make you feel the utmost confidence and secure in times of hardships.

Short haircuts can be considered as safety blankets, and so to get you started, here are some short haircuts you can get to feel the absolute best!

The Bobs 

When it comes to short haircuts, the extremely popular style is the bob with variations, so here are our best picks for your bob short haircuts:

  1. Collarbone Bob

If it’s your first time going short, it is best to invest in a low-maintenance haircut. Which is exactly what the collarbone bob provides. The middle collarbone length is perfect for those looking to go short, but not too short.

  • Cropped Bob

With this you are taking things up a notch – the not so classic form of a bob, but it is short enough to be considered so. The cut looks super cute and voluminous!

  • Soft Bob

Taking it a turn at old Hollywood, the soft bob delivers with soft curled edges, curves that just add the oomph!

  • Fringe Bob

Playing with different textures, a classic take on the shag, the fringe bob is a perfect combo of short hair, layers, and fringes.

  • Chin Bob

As the name suggests, reaching till your chin the chin bob is a doorway between layers and a super slick straight cut.

Blunt Textured Curves

Another one for the low maintenance group. The haircut is done in such a way that even without the daily blowouts, curls, or straightening mechanisms they can function on their own pretty perfectly.

The haircut instantly leaves your hair looking fresh, voluminous, and healthy and what more could you ask from a haircut honestly?

Pixie Cut

Another one in the classics department, the pixie cut is the ultimate Audrey Hepburn-inspired style. An ode to the 50’s the haircut still does wonders for anyone who wants to opt for it.

And when the queen of Hollywood can sport it and make it as a statement, then who are we to question right?

Angled Shoulder Cut

This is a haircut for ladies with fine hair. It’s okay, we understand you and we got you. This is the perfect hairstyle for fake it till you make it, because of the nature of the angles, the haircut makes it seem like you have healthy and thick hair!

It’s all about the angles we tell you.

2022 is all about starting fresh – after the last two years, why wouldn’t you want to turn a new leaf. So above is the perfect start!

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