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Swimsuit Shopping Guide: How do Color and Design Influence Your Choice?

The search for the ideal swimsuit becomes even more intensified with the arrival of summer, as the endless options available on the market make this seem like a challenging mission.

But no need to worry! This guide was put together especially to help you understand how color and design can be used to make choosing the ideal swimsuit for you easier.

How do I know which swimsuit is right for me?

There are some tricks that can transform a swimsuit into your favorite. But, first of all, choose a piece that makes you feel good about yourself.

There’s no point in following trends, or wanting to fit into something fashionable, but that makes you fight with your own body. You are free, you don’t need to be afraid to try different pieces and colors to find the one that suits you best.

The first big trick starts with something that is not in the swimsuit but in its complement. Yes, it may not seem like accessories like hats, sunglasses, and beach cover-ups make a total difference in the composition of your final look. Therefore, invest in extras that are part of your style and can make you feel more confident, creative, and beautiful.

How does color become important when choosing a swimsuit?

The color represents your state of mind, but more than that, it can also represent your personality. Vibrant colors are the face of summer, as they transmit energy and joy. They become the perfect choice for those who want to stand out on the beach.

Neutral colors like black, white, and red are classic and elegant. In this list you can also include gray, navy blue, and earthy tones. They fit into the classic style, but also into many others, as they are easy to combine colors. They become a favorite for those who want to create a more discreet look.

Pieces with prints can diversify the look. They are recommended for bold women, who like to show style and unique personality in the composition of their looks. They can be floral, geometric, animal print, composed of stripes, among others.

How do you know which swimsuit design is right?

First of all, you must take your body type into consideration. This is a very important step, as it will guide you forever in the clothes that are best suited for you. The objective here is to hide imperfections and enhance qualities.

Secondly, the type of fabric also greatly influences your well-being. Therefore, choose quality, breathable pieces that absorb moisture very well so you don’t feel soaked after bathing. Comfort is also a rule that you should prioritize, so invest in the right size. If you can, try it before buying or analyzing reviews on the e-commerce site where you want to purchase the item online to understand how it works on the bodies of other women similar to you.

The Tankini design is perfect for women who want to feel secure in a swimsuit, as they offer greater coverage and support. If you are a little over your ideal weight, this piece may help you build your personal power.

The Halter, on the other hand, leaves the chest more visible, helping women who need to enhance the upper part of the body. It can also be an assertive option for those with smaller breasts.

If you choose a swimsuit with padding, you will have greater support for the breast area. If the neckline is V-shaped, it will further intensify the full shape.

A hang glider swimsuit helps to disguise shoulders and can be an option for those who want to balance proportions by having larger breasts. You can play with modern, cool shapes using a swimsuit with cutouts, as it highlights the body and even gives you a more sensual appearance.

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