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The Eyewear Trends We’ll Be Seeing Everywhere Spring-Summer

There’s never an era when sunglasses are not in trend. Used for more than just mere eye protection, sunglasses, or prescription glasses, can be the epitome of style.

Adorning faces with different colors, styles, and shapes – these eyewear’s become a fashion statement and practically live on your faces. Eyewear carries a certain chic-ness to them, which stays relevant all year and era long unlike other fashion moments.

Of course, with changes in fashion, there are a few elements that change in eyewear as well and these are some of the trends that you will be seeing everywhere this spring and summer.

Before you invest in the perfect pair, take a look at what’s trending!

Pops of Color

If we take a look at the eyewear in the past, a trend of blacks and brown shades would be seen when considering the color palette sunglasses or prescription glasses were available in. However, now in this day and age being a little more open and risky is what fashion is all about.

Now sunglasses are all about colors. Available in different hues of blues, reds, and green these sunglasses make sure that they are the fashion statement.

Huge name brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, and Prada and even more of the approachable everyday brands such as HnM, Forever 21, and much more have been housing brightly colored sunglasses.

Like colors, patterned sunglasses have become the market favorite. Eyewear adorned with intricate geometric designs, floral or polka dots have also been seen making rounds.


These glasses are not only the fashion statement of the outfit but also provide chic-ness which elevates and completes the whole look.

Patterned eye-wear is something that is good for occasions where extra oomph is required!


Aside from talking about the color trends, cats-eye is The shape. When you want to get something that is different from the regular broad square-shapes – cats-eye is the way to go.

The talk of the town, this type of eyewear also comes in different forms. From the classic slanted to the more broad and bigger cats-eye, it really is a masterpiece for everyone.

The aim of cats-eye is not to be secluded for a few customers, but to appeal to everyone. Whether you are looking to bring a total change to the eyewear game, with the classics, or if you just want a minimal change, cats-eye can be your go-to.


The classic wire or the metallic frame, has remained popular for decades. The ease of their style remains to be a people’s favorite for both formal and informal settings.

The color and the build of the glasses are comfortable for all-day wear, and also stylish when you pick up some Ray-bans as your sunglasses.

women vintage metal reflective glasses
women vintage metal reflective glasses

Final Thoughts

Eyewear is meant to enhance the features of your face. Whether you choose to do that with the stylish and on-trend shapes and styles as mentioned above, or with the much more classics, eyewear will always remain in trend.

In eyewear there aren’t many styles that go out of fashion, it is an accessory that is always worth the hype!

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Heart Shaped Sunglasses Brown Lenses With Gold Tone Rim Summer Of Love Festival Glasses Great For Coachella Hippie Hippy Boho

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