wanted: a bohemian dress baby doll

when the temperature goes up, the things are usually minimal clothing. i dream of
having to put on a piece of a soft – doped to live one day, light and comfortable.

over the years: jansenism style this season, in our wardrobe brand in the seventies
accommodating ethno hippisants printed volumes in the short and loose, more sensual
and details (such as a bare back. with its large flower motifs, the neck, the back
and the warm hues of cut this baby doll free people seems therefore to be an ideal
candidate to satisfy our needs music & fashion.

real slinky boho, which is, in fact, require very little additional devices to be
nimber silhouette of a mild summer. not to mention the style of peace and love,
that will enable them to participate in many of them the rock, casual or bohemian.

in practice, try to temper his dna with the duo to carbon black blazer boots or
trio perfecto licorice shirt jeans boots lace up open scope. to draw more
“woodstock”, the dress khaki jacket is married to mix ankle boots camel fine gold
rings, or even the whole bedazzled jean jacket sleeves roulottees scope glasses
aviators sandal strap. the wise will finally end with a long and waistcoat, camel
and a pair of white sneakers.

ps: underwear, the small, will not hesitate to make a bra. others may wear a bra
invisible underwear, or rely on an apparent.

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