Figure out your perfect Babydoll Chemise

Treating yourself to some lovely lingerie to impress that special someone has

become a time-honoured Valentine’s Day tradition. But with the array of underwear
on offer, it can be hard to know where to start – and what suits.

“Lingerie is such a personal choice and is very much about enhancing your body
shape – it should fit impeccably,” says Marks and Spencer’s head of lingerie design
Soozie Jenkinson.

“Get fitted!” she urges. “At least every six months. There are lots of factors
which can affect your body shape and size, so It’s important to check your size
when you buy new bras, to ensure you’re wearing the right size for your current

And how do you know when a bra fits properly?

“Make sure the wire is not digging in, and the centre front of bra should sit flat
against the chest,” Jenkinson advises. “Make sure your bust is contained fully
within cup, and ensure your bra straps are secure but not tight. If you remove the
straps, your bra should continue to support your breast.”

Whether you’re skinny, curvy or anywhere in between, here’s some expert advice on
the styles to flatter every figure…


When it comes to clothes, straight-up-and-down boyish frames make everything look
good, but lingerie can be a bit trickier.

“If you want to create curves, then look for a padded bra; there are lots of
different types of padding for either a subtle enhancement or a more dramatic
effect,” says Agnes Dewhirst, junior buyer at “There are also lots
of beautiful triangle shape bras or half cup bras that look great on more petite
figures, from brands like Aubade or Calvin Klein.”


If you’re in possession of hourglass curves, lucky you, almost any type of lingerie
suits, so it’s up to you whether you want to enhance what you’ve got, go all-out in
a seriously seductive set, or choose something more delicate and demure.

“Having a bigger bust used to mean boring and frumpy bras, but not any more,” says
Dewhirst. “There is a lot more choice, no matter your cup size, with bras that have
been designed with both support and style in mind. For something sexier, try the
Pour Moi Forbidden range.”


For pear shapes, a well-fitting bra is just as important, but finding flattering
bottoms is the tricky part.

“Generally, a brief shape or any knicker style that is narrower at the hip will be
more flattering on a pear-shaped figure. A deep short may enhance the width of your
hips, but if the styling has a vintage feel, this can also create a desirable pin-
up effect,” says Dewhirst. “A basque really adds to a seductive look, especially
with the addition of stockings. Or alternatively, choose a baby-doll, either with a
built in bra or soft cups.”

“Women with larger cup sizes may feel more secure in a side support style, or a bra
made in a more rigid embroidery to give more support,” Dewhirst says. “If you are
fuller in the top of your breasts, look for bras with lace at the top of the cup,
as this will stretch and be more forgiving, while also providing support in the
bottom of the cup.”

“A T-shirt bra can also offer great support from a D up to a GG cup,” she suggests,
“as the foam helps to provide support for the bust.”


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Lingerie sales don’t usually start to hot up until the January pay day has passed,
but George at Asda reports a 37% surge in the last week of the month, even though a
third of people polled admit they’re down to their last $50. It may, in part, be
due to the cold weather, as 77% of women surveyed said they’d rather have a cosy
night in than a night out with the girls at this time of year, while a third said
they were looking forward to flaunting the results of their post-Christmas diets.


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