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Wearing Martin boots like this in winter will make you a fashionista in seconds.

Martin boots are widespread. Even though these big boots have been around for a long time, they have become popular again in recent years. In place of high heels or, in some cases, sneakers, fashionistas are increasingly reaching for this comfortable, cool, lug-soled shoe in a variety of interesting and unique ways.

Martin’s collection of Chelsea boots and combat boots is much more versatile than we thought at first. People are finding ways to make this bulky shoe feel more casual, office-appropriate, and even fancy at times, instead of just wearing it with grunge or both core outfits, which are the two styles that usually go with this shoe. They are worn with everything from leggings to miniskirts these days. They help dress up simple outfits and make a fashion statement.

Here are a few ways that wearing Martin boots in the winter will make you a fashionista right away.

1. With denim jeans

These big sneakers will make a statement and add a touch of style to your well-worn basics. Even if you wear simple clothes, Martin boots will make you look more stylish.

2. In a long gown

The tough, chunky design of these Martin boots will balance out any frills or pretty floral patterns, giving a more formal design a casual twist.

3. With Sweatpants

These thick combat Martin boots make a pair of sweatpants look slicker, more put-together, and more deliberate.

4. Having leggings

Put on a pair of Martin boots if you don’t know how to wear these leggings in a non-stuffy way. Leggings are now the best thing to wear when you don’t want to wear jeans or sweats. The contrast helps them look more casual and gives them a little edge.

5. With Stockings

Dress like a 90s grunge by wearing your boots with leggings and an oversized blazer. The combination is a simple and comfortable way to dress that isn’t boring or slow.

6. With short skirt

Evening shoes are usually over-the-knee or stiletto styles, but Martin boots have a more casual, edgy look while still giving you some height.

7. With Black Bottoms

Martin boots that are darker will look good with black bottoms, but if you want to contrast and add a little spice, switch them out for a pair that is white, patterned, or colorful. Even changing your shoelaces can add more fun to your outfit, and a pair of 1940s Pascal Atlas boots with bright yellow accents is just as versatile as the original boot.

8. With Shorts

Sandals may be the most popular shoes for summer, but boots can be made that are good for all seasons. Martin boots are as classic as your favorite denim shorts and graphic tees, which is why they look great together on warm days.

9. With Dressy Things

Try wearing your Martin boots with things that don’t seem to go together, like a structured blazer, tights with polka dots, sequins, or tulle. In the fashion world, opposites tend to attract, and these shoes will help tone down over-the-top parts and make them suitable for everyday activities.

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