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5 Tips On Caring For Luxury Fashion Items

If you love wearing expensive designer clothes and fashion accessories, you will need extensive care to prolong their appearance and lifespan.

As expensive items are worn occasionally, their proper maintenance is of greater importance.


  1. Use a good brush and never wash them often

Brushing clothes with a soft bristle brush is an easy trick to remove dust particles that stick to the delicate fabric and can damage it. You can brush your dress periodically to keep the material clean and the fibers strong. This trick works even for your jackets, suits, heavy gowns, and trousers.

Make sure to brush slowly and steadily to avoid loosening the fabric fibers.

Washing and dry cleaning Designer clothes frequently damage their luster or may result in fading or shrinking. Make sure to wear your design piece three times before cleaning it.

  • Take extra care of your embellished clothing

High-end embellishments on the clothes, like embroidery, beads, or sequins, require extra care. Make sure to steam iron them carefully and stay gentle on the seams.

If you have any doubts about handling such clothing, taking it to a professional cleaner is always the best option.

  • Your prized luxury handbag comes with an apparent expectation

You buy a good brand’s handbag expecting it to last through several seasons. These are some tips to ensure the safety of your handbag. 

  • Never haphazardly store your bag. Instead, stuff it with acid-free tissue in its original box to retain its shape.
  • Wrap the bag’s chain link straps and put them inside the bag.
  • If your bag has a top handle, ensure the handle does not touch the body of the bag.
  • Place a small silica gel sachet in the bag that can absorb excess moisture from the air.
  • Avoid putting your bag on the floor; carry a portable bag hanger while traveling.
  • Don’t put loose cosmetics in your bag. Instead, store them in pouches 
  • Never overload your luxury handbag
  • Caring tips for your high-end ornaments

Jewelry is one of the most cherished accessories for both genders. Thus, treasured jewelry should be well-maintained for its beauty and sparkle.

Extra care for gemstones like kunzite or topaz is needed to maintain their durability and color. As the delicate material can darken or fade when exposed to chemicals or excessive light, ensure that your expensive jewelry pieces are never exposed to chemicals. Your hairspray, perfume, or cosmetics chemicals may permanently damage precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, colored gems, or pearl jewelry. 

Never wear fine jewelry to the chlorinated swimming pool.

  • Care tips for your luxurious material expensive shoes

You want to make the most of your investment in luxurious material shoes like leather, suede, or satin.

Luxury shoe care tips start with storing the shoes correctly after brushing them to prevent dust build-up. A horse hairbrush is ideal for all types of expensive shoe materials.

Make sure to shine the shoes at least once a month to maintain their shine.

Store them in the correct box to keep their shape intact.

Spot cleaning and wiping down heels after every use ensures no dirt. For suede material, a pencil eraser is an excellent option to clean the surface after the material is dry. For leather and satin shoes, you can use a microfiber rag.

Air dry shoes before storing them.

Never apply heat to shoes to dry them, as it can cause the material to warp.


Make sure you take greater care of any luxury item you possess. Or, take it to professional cleaners every six months to get it cleaned thoroughly.

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