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Do You Want A Hourglass Body?

Looking at celebs, we can’t help but wonder how they are always so perfect. They do not eat?! It’s not right. It is not a question of thinness, but rather of definition and tone: never a roll that emerges from the dress. But maybe, they have a secret to hide. Could shapewear be the secret of that hourglass body, by any chance?

If you’ve seen at least one of Kim Kardashian’s outfits on the red carpet, you’ve surely been left wondering how it is possible that her waist circumference is the size of a straw. Although we all know that Ms. West is a fitness enthusiast and has a bevy of nutritionists serving her, Kim recently declared one of her most intimate secrets about her: the daily use of shapewear to have a perfect body hourglass. And she is not the only one: even the divine JLo has admitted that she often and willingly uses containment girdles and modeling underwear.

Trust Kim & Co.!

That said, shapewear is key if you want to achieve a screaming hourglass physique. Of course, it won’t give you a new body, but it will certainly help you work with what you already have and will maximize or minimize the appearance of some parts that just don’t go down on you. Seeing is believing!

Waist Trainer

The waist trainer wrap has only one purpose: to make the waist smaller and slimmer and the hourglass body. If the hourglass body is the effect you are looking for, wear one of these magical sheaths under a dress or even with tight pants and tops. You will be surprised by how micro your circumference will be… and the instant hourglass shape it is!

Pair it with a fitted knit top!

Shaping Shorts

Hourglass body: what to wear? If your goal is to make your legs slimmer or give them a definition, this type of shapewear is perfect for you. Some shaping shorts rise so high with the waist that they make it tighter at the same time: 2 in 1! We know what a sore rubbing is – especially when we’re on the go – and these shaping shorts really help avoid it!

Match them with: a pencil skirt.

Modeling Bodysuit

The best shapewear bodysuits help smooth the stomach area from the waist down and can also be worn as a top or underwear. The built-in bra is effective in keeping the chest area elevated and is perfect for having an hourglass physique.

Pair with: bodycon dresses.

Shapewear: Yes, we love it!

As you have just seen, you shouldn’t be afraid of shapewear. It really helps to achieve the hourglass body you’ve always dreamed of, and wearing it could increase your dose of self-confidence. Yes, we love it! Don’t forget the butt lifter straps for increasing your butt!

You can also shapewear for post-operative care

Sculptshe is a company specializing in the production of compression garments, including post-operative care. They used their expertise to create a range of products dedicated to daily use. Sculptshe shapewear products can be worn every day in the post-operative care phase to further improve the benefits of cosmetic surgery to consolidate the results already obtained.

Sculptshe shapewear products can be used for everyday use. You will immediately notice how these give your body a better look and shape your imperfections, thus making your physique more attractive and your silhouette more sculpted.

The advantages of Sculptshe products:

  • Flattens the belly and hip area
  • Slims the bust
  • Seamless underwear
  • Invisible under any clothing
  • Lightweight material
  • Soft to the touch
  • Second skin feeling

Sculptshe’s range of women’s products offers both high-waisted and low-waisted girdles to support and shape the tummy and hips, making your silhouette appear more beautiful and fit under clothing. Its lightweight material is soft to the touch and invisible under clothing.

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