Lingerie plus size comes out of the basics and succeeds with new colors and designs

A few years ago finding lingerie of plus size with strong colors, special fabrics
and sensuality was no easy task. For decades, women were faced with a basic market,
which produced pieces of neutral colors and common modeling. It was an eye for the
growth of the plus size market and women’s dissatisfaction that the garments began
to increase the supply of pieces in sizes above 44. In Juruaia (MG), women
entrepreneurs invest in the sector with a variety of pieces to conquer the market.

A study by the Brazilian Apparel Association (Abravest), made in 2016, showed that
this sector should grow more than 10% and already moves R $ 5 billion per year. Also
according to the study, the lingerie is a pieces that women with larger mannequins
have more difficulty to find – 49% of them showed dissatisfaction.
“For a long time fashion plus size was associated with basic models and today this
has changed,” explains Juruaia businesswoman Flavia Santos. “The biggest change was
getting out of the traditional. Women who use plus size, like all women, are looking
for bold and differentiated lingerie. ”

The store started working with the plus size line four years ago and currently 20%
of sales are for customers in this industry. From the beginning until today, the
place invested in sets, sweaters and pajamas with lace, tulle, more sophisticated
fabrics and variety of colors. “We pay special attention to following the fashion
trends and colors of the season”.
Almost five years ago, businesswoman Tamara Prado Silva saw the need to increase
lingerie plus size options.

“I saw the woman’s need to get out of the basics. When the woman sees a different
size, beautiful and sensual, and discovers that we have the plus size option, the
sale is guaranteed. That’s why we work like this with all the models in the store. ”
The businesswoman believes that the investment brings more than the financial
return. “It’s gratifying when we sell a piece and see how satisfied the woman is. To
wear a beautiful lingerie, all you have is body, no matter the size. ”
There were several confections that realized the need to offer besides the colors
white, black, chocolate and nude. Maria Aparecida Cesario, customer of the plus size
line and reseller, is from the city of Pratapolis (MG), but always travels to
Juruaia in search of new colors and unique models. “Juruaia’s lingerie draws a lot
of attention. When the red, blue pieces arrive, you can see how they are successful.
We bought the pieces with our eyes, which we were delighted with. ”

For Maria, the basic pieces still yield a lot of sale, but it is a mistake to focus
only on this type of product. The idea is to invest in bold lingerie, but with
comfort and support, so that they can also be used on a daily basis. “The basics
always sell, it’s what we use on a day-to-day basis. But like every woman, we like
more elaborate pieces, also for special occasions. ”

To meet customer demands, the pieces are produced with soft lace, tactel pieces –
fabric that does not retain sweat and has quick drying, and other types of
microfiber. On the rise are the Rolote, a kind of bias that serves as a finish or
strap, and the Strappy Bra, the famous strips that become apparent when worn with

Following the trends of fall / winter 2017 fashion, Plus Size lingerie comes with
earthy shades such as brown and wine and other colors such as light pink, nude and
gold. The garments also rely on transparencies and special fabrics, such as velvet,
the highlight of the season.
With an eye on trends, Juruaia should invest more in the sector. According to the
Commercial and Industrial Association of the city (Aciju), the market can still find
plenty of room to grow. “It is necessary to explore and give opportunity and variety
to the segment, investing in real women. The variety also has to include different
models and comfort, “says the president of Aciju, Tania Mara Rezende.
In the city, 15 confections and shops already work with the plus size line. Some
even work only with larger sizes. “Today, it is already common to find stores that
work exclusively with plus size, which demonstrates the importance of the area.”

Felinju – Fashion and Lingerie of Juruaia – arrives in its 20th edition in 2017.
Between April 29 and May 1, Expo Juruaia Expo Center opens space for more than 70
exhibitors and expects to receive about 30 thousand visitors. Organized by ACIJU –
Commercial and Industrial Association of Juruaia, the fair has a growth of 20% in
turnover per year. In 2016, there were over R $ 15 million in sales.
The city of South Minas, responsible for 15% of the national production of lingerie
and 3rd pole of the sector, produces about 20 million pieces per year. With 95% of
the companies headed by women, Juruaia owns the highest per capita income in the
South of Minas.

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