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One of the most popular items in autumn and winter are cardigans, which are warm and fashionable. It is very beautiful to wear outside or inside. How to wear cardigans? In this issue, I will give you a detailed introduction. Click here and check cheap cardigans with pockets on Feelingirldress.

For working people, shirts and trousers are the most commonly worn. The weather is getting colder. A shirt alone is no longer enough. Cardigan has more warmth and texture. Girls from warmer climates may also choose a thicker knitted cardigan.

Today’s focus is to talk about pullover sleeve tops, after all, they are the hottest items this season. You don’t need to bother to wear it with a dignified and intellectual temperament.

Cardigan + jeans

For many girls who like simple shapes, soft knitting and tannins are very good partners. There is no need to worry about how to stack them, simple and straightforward!

Cardigan + short skirt

Sleeve shirts with skirts can be literary and sweet, elegant or casual, and are very suitable for short girls. If your legs are cold on this day, you can wear a pair of leggings.

In addition to cardigans, Feelingirldress has bandage dresses that are on sale. A long bandage dress with slings on your body is like your second skin covering your body, two slender slings on your shoulders, delicate and cool. And the bandage dress with different materials and different combinations can control almost all occasions.

The bandage dress is a very special item. It coexists with high-level sense and casual feeling, so as long as it is slightly matched, it is suitable for any occasion. A bandage dress can also modify a person’s temperament, wearing a red sling dress, curly hair and red skirt, showing delicate femininity.

Silk is the main trend of bandage dress in recent years. Because the material itself is very attractive, such a dress can be easily worn with a romantic and light fashion sense and femininity. A more mix-and-match way is to use a silk suspender skirt that reaches the length of the ankle, plus white sneakers, which neutralizes the sense of movement and the solemnity of silk and wears a more fashionable feeling.

Checkered elements have been a fashion trend in the past two years, and the same is true for suspenders. A checkered suspender skirt is more neutral than silk, and more sophisticated than printed. What I have seen before in the style of the suspender dress, but the short suspender dress will actually give people a younger girlish look and look more lively.

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