Model reveals her latest babydoll chemise lingerie line for M&S in stunning vintage inspired shoot

Those frequent fitness classes and a super healthy diet plan are clearly rewarding because Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks great in the latest events of the Rosie for Autograph Spring series.

Of course, the 25-year-old woman designed her own collection, which includes a beautiful floral blue shirt bra, with shorts and retro lace silk silk bra.

In a soft blues, light peach and white soft palette, Rosie for Autograph Summer series exudes feminine charm. Designed by Rosie’s own for M & S, these works are made of fine silk and are beautifully crafted with lace, and she hopes to be the ultimate luxury linger she craves.

The new style in the summer includes a 50-year-old inspired bra with lace and silk detail, high waist and non-liner lace bra and silk body, designed to smooth the silhouette of babydoll chemise clothes.

Speaking of her collection, Rosie said: “I like to work in the summer series and have a good design to add a new style to this series.

“My favorite works are long bra and high waist neck – I just like retro style, and they are very complimented.

Working with Soozie Jenkinson, director of M & S underwear design, Rosie’s design is a “everyday luxury” with soft tones used with summer brides.

Soozie added: “We developed cool water and silver tones for the summer to provide a new new direction while ivory and sand color for the sun kissed the skin to create a rich summer solution.

“All the favorite signatures are retro reference points in the new silk babydoll chemise series, the new style, such as long-term breastplate, body and no liner bra increased range.

Last month, Rosie released some of her important works in the spring series, which were released at Valentine’s Day.

Rosie’s iconic scarf bra, kimono wraps and make-up suits are inspired by new or artistic styles of roses with gorgeous new colors and printed tones, hand-painted floral design inspired by the original Art Nouveau style.

“We decided a gorgeous palette, and every woman would like to wear pink and warm neutral,” Rosie said.

But also for the spring of the new pajamas is a beautiful baby, exquisite silk pajamas with a charming floor hem, complex lace decoration and chiffon wrapped, the bedroom perfect boudoir style cover.

Victoria’s Secret Angel is also known for her love of yoga and regular fitness classes, and she has revealed another secret health weapon.

The 25-year-old tweeted a babydoll chemise picture of herself praising her ‘delicious green juice’ which she described as ‘a great way to start the day.’ But what’s behind this mysterious concoction? Along with other super surface ingredients such as cucumber, kale And parsley, the Japanese wholefood Chlorella is added to the juice.

It is a completely natural and balanced single cell green algae, which is clearly effective due to the combination of nutrition and amino acid abundance, chlorella is associated with healthy nails, skin and hair, and judged by Rosie’s killer body.

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