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The First Step to Develop an Hourglass Body Curve

Women have different kinds of figures right from apple shaped, to pear shaped and rectangle shaped. But, the most coveted has and will always be the hourglass shaped figure. The hourglass figure means you have an ample bust, a small waist and curvy hips. To gain these women have spent a lot of uncomfortable moments right from history. Corsets were invented in the 1300’s and women have even worn corsets made from whale bones, and stiff knickers and garters that were extremely uncomfortable. Today, however modern women have a wide number of choices in material which is extremely smooth and shapewear that is very comfortable. But we still want the hourglass figure right!!

So, what should be done to achieve an hourglass figure?

Now to create an hourglass figure you need to concentrate on 4 areas-

Bust and cleavage.



Hip and it’s curve.

To concentrate on all these areas, you need incredibly good shapewear shorts. They can help you cinch your waist, hip as well as thighs. Now to regain an hourglass figure you need to exercise, wear shapewear or gym shorts and also follow a certain healthy diet.

What are the workouts that you can try out-?

For your upper torso:

1.Wall presses and pushups-

For your upper body strength and definition of muscle, you can easily try wall press and pushups.

And if with this you try our zipper waist trainer, it will provide you with an added advantage.

2.Moving towards your waist the best exercise is Yoga

As we all know Yoga provides an exercise to your whole body making it physically as well as mentally healthy. There are a lot of poses in Yoga that can be extremely helpful. They are Boat pose, Butterfly pose, bow pose which stimulate, tighten and tone your muscles. Even planks will help as they will activate your core muscles, and also improve your posture.

3.High Intensity Interval Training

It is a type of cardio workout in which you need to do intense exercises in a very short amount of time. Like running fast for 40 seconds, then slow walking for 20 seconds, repeating again.

4.The best exercises for your hips are squats- 

They help your waist as well as thighs. Even side lifts are a good workout for hips and thigh muscles. Also, when you are working by wearing thigh trimmers and performing lunges, they provide you with the added benefits.

So, the bottom line is use shapewear to give yourself an hourglass figure. But have realistic expectations, eat healthy, workout and wear shapewear under your clothes and love your body. If you want you can check waist trainer before and after and check out the views of other women out there. They have described their opinions along with pictures.

Remember your measurements don’t define you.!!

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