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Update Your Summer Skincare And Get Glowing Summer Skin

In summer, skin care must be updated and maintained urgently, as the sun can cause burns, premature aging of the skin and even cause the possibility of risk of skin cancer.

Therefore, to keep your skin healthy in the summer, it is important to update your skin care, such as keeping your skin dry, without perspiring, but well hydrated, drinking plenty of liquids during the day, using sunscreen frequently and avoiding going out at a time when the sun is shining, such as at lunchtime for example.

  1. Keep your skin clean, dry and moisturized often

To keep the skin healthy and impeccable throughout the summer, it is very important to keep it clean and hydrated, it is recommended to take at least 2 good showers a day, as this will eliminate the sweat and the odor it causes. If it is too hot, you can take more showers, but it is recommended to use only water, avoiding soap so as not to make the skin drier, as the soap used dries the skin excessively.

Antiseptic soap can undoubtedly be very useful to eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms from the armpits, intimate region and feet that can cause chilblains, for example. However, using it several times a day can irritate the skin. However, to actually prevent the proliferation of microorganisms, it is important to keep the skin dry, as wetter and warmer regions of the body favor the development of microorganisms, especially fungi.

After bathing, it’s really cool that you apply a good fluid moisturizing cream, at least in the areas where the skin tends to get drier, such as feet, knees, hands and elbows, helping to keep the skin soft. Or if you feel the need to hydrate another part of your body, you will be the one to evaluate.

2. Use sunscreen daily

Using sunscreen daily is extremely important to prevent aging and make your skin wither like passion fruit ahead of time, as well as preventing the development of diseases such as skin cancer, for example. Thus, it is important to apply sunscreen to the entire area of skin exposed to the sun, even if the person is not directly exposed to the sun.

In the case of going to the beach or pool, the recommendation is that the sunscreen is used 20 to 30 minutes before sun exposure and is applied again every 3 hours, or if you enter the water it is necessary to touch up even more times. Those who want to tan and have bright skin from the sun without harming the skin can choose to use a weaker sunscreen, with SPF 4 or 8, for example, as it is able to filter the harmful rays of the sun and make the skin more beautiful with a golden hue like gold.

3. Don’t shave on the day of the sun

Another extremely important care in summer is not to shave your face and body on the day and on the eve of exposure to the sun, as this can consequently cause dark spots on the skin, especially if the depilation is done with wax. Therefore, the recommendation is that you trim your hair at least 48 hours before sun exposure.

To have more prolonged effects of hair removal, you can opt for waxing or laser hair removal, as the hairs are removed from the root, however in both forms It is important to stress that avoid sun exposure after waxing, as the skin becomes more sensitive and stains are more likely.

4. Not doing skin treatments in the summer

Avoiding laser and chemical treatments during the summer is important, as these treatments can destroy your tanned skin and cause difficult-to-remove blemishes. The best dates for these treatments or procedures are during autumn and winter, when the temperature is milder and the sun is less intense, but it is always important to wear sunscreen at all times, as even ambient light can damage the skin.

An important point is to exfoliate the skin, especially on the face and feet, once a week to eliminate dead cells and renew the skin.

5. Bathing in fresh water when leaving the beach

After a beautiful day at the beach, you should worry about taking a fresh water bath, preferably cold, to remove the salt and sand that tend to leave the skin extremely dry and facilitate the formation of cracks that can allow entry of microorganisms.

After bathing with fresh water, it is recommended to hydrate the skin well and, for that, you can always apply sunscreen or an after-sun lotion again, without overreacting.

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