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Good Foundation for Fine Skin Care

As we age, our skin needs a simple fresh take. A good anti-aging foundation needs to hydrate, plump, and make skin appear glowy without falling into creases or fine lines, no matter the amount of coverage. If doubling as a skin care product still occurs, then that’s just an added bonus. Forward are the best liquid foundations for all mature skin types, shades and textures.

Subtle pearlescent pigments in this soft, whipped formula give off a flattering but not overwhelming glow, whereas hyaluronic acid smooths and hydrates.

The Catch Totale serum foundation is the first Dior foundation to offer triple action for a vivid and youthful complexion: smooth contours, even skin tone and luminosity. Enriched with the essence of the new Longoza-Cellular ComplexTM targeting youth replenishing cells, the Catch Totale serum foundation is the first Dior foundation that provides triple action for a vivid and youthful complexion: smooth contours, uniform skin tone and luminosity. Its satiny texture with a special sensory appeal, when applied, leaves an imperceptible, long-lasting veil that blends seamlessly with the skin while retaining softness and moisturization. A clearly more natural, instant and long-lasting, flawless complexion.

Portable. Multi – use   Soft-matte.  A special cream base providing an impeccable, smooth finish. This special cream base formula features the complex infusing nourishing tom ford and provides a smooth, flawless finish. Portable stick, often wonderfully normal and undetectable, achieves flexibility in application for sheer medium or full coverage.

This natural, multi-correcting fusion Terrybly Densiliss Foundation by By Terry transitions and blends effortlessly into the skin, revealing a flawless natural complexion. Its new generation I.M.C technology blends camouflage prisms, strong micro spheres of powder, and superfine mimetic pigments to remove imperfections, shine and signs of aging, thus matching every skin instantly. Its clear, matte non-drying formula and moisture-plumping action features a professional “zero imperfections” effect that sculpts the facial features and brightens the face for a visibly beautiful glow.

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